Welcome to Petra’s Blog!



Welcome to Petra’s blog! The content and posts on Petra’s site aim to share meaningful stories and useful information related to innovations in healthcare, wellness, and the construction industry. We also hope to share some of our own stories related to health, as well as to highlight the great variety of professional backgrounds that we possess. Lastly, we aspire to maintain regular updates on what we’re doing at Petra, as well as the great things that our industry partners are doing, to creatively lead the way in transforming healthcare delivery.

For those of you unfamiliar with Petra, allow us to provide a bit of background. Petra originated from the Design and Construction Department at St. Joseph Health. In January of 2011, Petra became independent, along with its parent company, the Innovation Institute. This action enabled Petra the opportunity to serve other hospitals and health systems while continuing to work with St. Joseph Health.

Petra partners with hospitals to achieve long-term visions to address the trends of the ever-changing healthcare industry, both now and into the future. Petra offers construction management, capital planning, financial controls and risk assessment, and overall owners’ representation for hospitals and health systems.

We are currently at 14 hospital sites, managing everything from construction of projects to facilitating long term strategic plans with the hospitals’ boards and leadership. We engage hospitals and their communities in network assessments, which tell a bigger picture of where their region is heading, providing them with concrete research in order for them to make more informed strategic and financial decisions. In our management of hospitals’ capital expenditures, we provide leadership with the tools needed to assess the risk associated with each proposed initiative.

Our goal, in whichever capacity of work we are providing, is to enable hospital leaders to make informed decisions which enable them to focus on what is most important in their role within the organization.

… and that is Petra. We look forward to contributing great positive change to the growing and dynamic world of healthcare.

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