The Northwest Tower is here!

Northwest Tower

In project news, Petra will complete the construction of a new 4-story, 200,000 sq ft tower at St. Jude Medical Center in Fullerton this month. The Project, originally planned to be a $1 Billion construction of the Southeast tower, was considerably reduced in cost through a risk analysis in the pre-design phase. The more efficient solution became known as the Northwest tower. The Tower project utilizes a design/build collaboration closely resembling the structure of an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) process. Petra engaged a project team with a strong history of successful collaborations, thereby creating a culture of trust and genuine teamwork. The synergy in striving toward a common goal enabled the team to achieve greater efficiencies through advanced BIM modeling and careful scope management.

The new tower features 120 patient beds and a total of 14 operating rooms, including one hybrid operating room and one iMRI suite. The hybrid operating room allows for surgery and interventional radiology within the same space. The iMRI, only the second of its kind by Philips-Brainlab in the country, is an intra-operative magnetic resonance imaging device that can be used to scan a patient during surgery. Through the iMRI’s Brainlab software, the position of the patient and the surrounding surgical instruments are tracked in real time. As a result, the patient experiences a reduced risk to potential brain tissue damage during neurosurgery and an overall improved outcome.

As the Project nears completion, it is projected to be finished six months ahead of schedule and 30% under the original Northwest Tower budget. The Project has been selected as a winner in the annual DBIA Design Build Awards, and the award will be received at a reception on May 22nd.
St. Jude Medical Center will open the Northwest Tower in November 2014.

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